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I have decided to share with you all my morning skincare routine. These are the products that have been working wonders on my skin and I am very happy with what I am currently using. I find myself constantly wanting to try new skincare products that are out there, but for the last 2 months these are the products that I have been going to a lot more. I know this seems like an excessive amount of products to use on a morning but this is just what works for me. I can't promise they will work for you as everyones skin is different but I hope you enjoy reading about my morning skincare routine! 

I'll start off by describing my skin type. I would say I am combination/oily and very prone to break outs, this being said, I have never been to a skin specialist and actually had someone tell me properly what my skin type is, this is just what I have experienced over time. I find that a lot of my products need to be oil free, saying that, I do not deprive my skin of oils and find ways to incorporate that into my routine in other ways. The things I am using at the moment have not made my skin break out at all which is which I am very happy with this routine.

The first thing I do on a morning is go to the bathroom and wash my hands with whatever anti-bacterial hand wash is in my bathroom; I like to make sure I'm washing away all the germs from the night so I don't then spread them to my face. Next I will go in with my cleanser and lately I have been absolutely loving The Body Shop tea tree cool and creamy wash which is specifically designed for people with blemish prone skin. I was worried this would dry my face out with it being a face wash as I usually stick with a cream cleanser on a morning but it didn't at all, and if anything it seemed to make my skin feel really soft whilst removing the excess oil. The tea tree is really refreshing on your skin on a morning and makes you feel a lot more awake. (Just don't get this stuff in your eyes because it will sting!)

Then I go in with the FIRST AID BEAUTY facial radiance pads which are a really gentle exfoliating toner. They contain lactic and glycolic acid but only a small amount so these pads are even fine to use for people with sensitive skin and are light enough to use daily morning and night. I find that my skin tingles a tiny bit after I have used these pads but it doesn't hurt at all and you can feel on your skin how gentle they are. These pads are free of parabens, harsh chemicals and colorants so it is highly unlikely anyone would have a reaction to these pads. I couldn't recommend these pads more, I have seen such a massive difference in my skin since using these and feel I now couldn't be without them. I also use The Body Shop Vitamin C Energizing face spritz which helps to hydrate my skin and the smell of oranges is just so refreshing on a morning. I also use this over the top of my make-up if my skin is feeling a bit dry and dull during the day, I find it leaves me feeling refreshed and is a perfect pick me up for the day. Sometimes on a morning I also pop on a bit of the Origins super spot remover if I have a pesky spot that is very raised just to take down the swelling and make it less noticeable through makeup. I usually only do this step on a night to get the proper treatment but sometimes feel its a necessity to try and get the spot to decrease from a mount everest sized spot on my face. It includes salicylic acid which is there to kill the spit and then caffeine and red algae which helps decrease irritation so the spot isn't as painful or red.

I then use my ANR eye serum which I have been lucky enough to get my hands on early with me working for Estèe Lauder and I have to say I think it is gorgeous. I am very wary of using new eye creams on myself as my eyes are very sensitive and prone to allergic reactions so I have to be careful when choosing what to use on myself. After suffering from a bad allergic reaction leaving my eyes so swollen I could barely see, I used a steroid cream from the doctor which ended up drying my eyes out and leaving with me with de-hydration lines I could not get rid of, however using this new serum has definitely managed to re-hydrate the area and reduce the lines. This new eye cream claims to de-puff, brighten and reduce the look of every key visible sign of ageing around the eyes. I can't really say it's helped with ageing as I am only 21 and have no signs of ageing in my eye area yet but I can definitely say my eye area is a lot brighter and has not caused me to have an allergic reaction at all. This eye serum is so soothing and such a treat to use on a morning, it goes into the skin so fast and does not leave any sort of residue around the eyes at all. You can either use this serum on its own or apply another eye creme over the top of it; I use the Origins mega bright dark circle minimizer in the inner corner of my eyes to brighten the area where I suffer with mild dark circles. I have also been using Clinique super defence SPF 20 underneath my eyes to protect from the sun as I find my eyes are a lot more sensitive after my reaction so want to make sure they don't dry out and in result, age prematurely. It is very illuminating and flattering underneath makeup and it still allows my foundation to go on perfectly and doesn't leave a sticky residue. 

After this, a step I never ever miss on a morning or night is serum. For my morning routine I use the Estèe Lauder idealist even skin illuminator. In training we were told to use this serum for 3 months to notice a dramatic difference. This serum is good for any redness or darkness in the skin and is gorgeous underneath your makeup as it loves a lovely duey glow and the citrus scent is a lovely treat on a morning. I love how quickly this serum disappears into your face and I have definitely noticed a difference in my skin and I have only been using this serum for the past 2 months. I feel like past blemish marks have massively reduced and my face is softer and more hydrated than ever. The serum is oil free so doesn't break me out at all it includes the triple-optic technology meaning it creates a brighter more luminous look even after the first time it is applied. 

Finally I've been using the Estèe Lauder daywear lotion for my moisturiser. I use a lotion because it is a lot lighter than a cream and seems to sink into my skin a lot faster and isn't as heavy. I hate the feeling of a cream that is too heavy on my face because my skin doesn't feel clean. This daywear lotion is perfect for a person of my age as it has anti oxidants in that are there to reduce the appearance of first signs of ageing which are thinks like dullness and fine, dry lines. It also helps to decrease the look and repair past damage and has SPF 15. I love the smell of this moisturiser, it smells like cucumber so is so really refreshing on a morning and helps your skin to feel a lot more awake. I am not overly fussy when it comes to which moisturiser I use as it is the last step in my routine and basically seals everything together; it is everything else that comes before it that is more important. However, I have noticed a big difference in my skin since using this one and feel my skin is a lot softer and happier. 

Thank you for taking the time to read my morning skincare routine, I will be doing a post soon on my evening skincare routine so keep a look out for that too! 

What are you using in your morning skincare routine? 

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  1. I've got combo/oily skin too, it can be such a pain! Love the entire Body Shop tea tree range, but the Estee Lauder range sounds amazing

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