Thursday, 5 March 2015

The only product to clear up my skin!

OH MY GOD! I'm guessing a lot of people will be in my position when it comes to blemish prone skin! NOTHING you use works, it is usually all a hype and usually ends up drying out your skin rather than fixing it! I have always battled with minor acne (usually hormonal) but still always had at least one or two blemishes! It's so difficult having this oily skin when the vast majority of your friends have beautiful clear skin! I have been on the search for something for years to help me finally have beautiful skin; and now I've finally found it!! 

I have needed to right this blog post about this product for so long its not even funny! MD FORTE cleanser no 2, my absolutely holy grail, cannot live without product! This beauty has absolutely cleared up my skin and I actually get scared of running out of it! When I got told about this product from a good friend, I thought it was going to be another product claiming to help but never would! How wrong could I be?! My skin rarely gets spots now and if I do it is one or two on my chin that go within the next few days thanks to this magic cream! 

I use this product after thoroughly cleansing my skin. I use The Body Shop camomile cleansing oil to remove all of my makeup (best makeup remover product ever btw), you pop it onto your full makeup face completely dry and it literally melts off everything! I do this twice and then follow up with my Estee Lauder perfectly clean Normal/Combination wash just to make sure my skin is completely clean, and there is no scraps of makeup left! I then follow with this cleanser on lightly dampened skin and just rub a small amount all over my face (avoiding the eye are) and do this for about 5 minutes none stop just so I know every area has been covered with this cleanser! I then use a clean hot flannel to take it away and my skin is left feeling so clean and soft! I have noticed if you do have a spot this can make it sting a little but I enjoy that feeling because I know it must be working!

I use this product morning and night (as your supposed to do for the first 3 months then just use it on a night) and the difference in my skin is just amazing! I now get compliments on what lovely skin I have when I'm working and this has never happened to me before! It makes me a bit emotional actually because this is something I have never experienced before! I feel like my makeup looks better now and my foundation looks flawless because I FINALLY have a good base to work with!

If you have never tried MD FORTE cleanser before, I highly recommend that you do because it has honestly changed my life!!

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